Office Design


The workspace is a powerful tool that influences the users in a fundamental and positive way. An office designed correctly will improve the users productivity and use of space.


It was Winston Churchill who said: “We shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us”. This also relates to office design, once it is designed for the user in mind one will adapt to the space.


Improving productivity in the office.

To improve the productivity you must keep the employees needs in mind when designing an office. Once your employee is in a comfortable and in a well designed space he / she will become an asset to the company.


Designing for today.

Spaces are designed with keeping flexibility in mind.  Technology allows the user the flexibility to work anywhere, the key is to create a space specifically for there use.


Offices should embrace teamwork.

Open plan offices create an environment whereby the users interact in a positive and functional manor. Working as part of successful team will motivate and drive the employees therefore establish and maintain a successful business.


Creativity in design.

Interactive Interiors applies creativity throughout all of their projects. We combine fundamental elements with the creative design to form a fresh and energetic space.

Workplace Analysis


Understanding the client.

Creating your client’s work space involves analysing their current work environment and applying the correct methodology to their new environment.  By using the correct design techniques it will improve the users communication, collaboration and connectivity in the new space.


Analysing a work environment.

Our process analyses the company so that we understand how they work. Areas where business can improve on in the modern day will include workstations, breakout, focus, and meeting areas. This has come into place due to modern technology.


Bringing aspirations to life.

We look at the company’s strengths, weaknesses and achievements and we apply our knowledge of interactive office design. When we apply these design principles, this allows the company’s aspirations and goals to become a new reality.


Health and happiness workplace.

An important factor to take into consideration when analysing a work space is to ensure that the company’s employees well being is taken care of. Therefore productivity, creativity and optimism  will improve the company’s annual targets.

How we work


Every client, project and space is a unique entity. At Interactive Interior no two projects are the same. We provide a service that ensures each project individual to each client.


Our journey starts with our clients brief. We work with the client to create an experience not a project. We commit our time and experience to achieve the best result possible for the end user.


Our approach includes working withe the client brief and to explore the design potential for the space.


By questioning this we show our client the unimaginable, showing the client the full potential the space has to offer. These positive and fundamental changes  to the design reveal a brief that the client never knew was possible.


Unique designs as unique as you.

Once all the factors of the brief are taken into consideration and achieved. We then get creative. our design team use there knowledge and experience to turn the work space in to a modern reality. Our designs are tailored to each individual never copied from one project to another.



Interactive interiors prides itself in providing a satisfactory experience from start to finish. Our project management team are knowledgeable and experienced in reducing risks in completing projects. When issues arise they are resolved in a professional manor and without creating stress for the client. Every project requires balance between cost, time and scope on one hand, and communication, delivery and execution on the other. Our project management team  and design team work simultaneously to deliver a seamless and stress free experience for the client. the end project is delivered with care and compassion.


We deliver excellence and professionalism.

What makes us unique? At Interactive Interiors our team consists of unique individuals with renowned knowledge and experience. Our aim is to deliver excellence and professionalism throughout the business. The inspire, challenge and deliver excellence in every project. They commit there time knowledge and dedication to deliver the project on time on budget and to the highest of quality.


Delivering a project risk free.

Our project management team are trained to deliver a project risk free. Each employee undertakes a continual training to keep up to date with new regulations and technologies. They have knowledge of all aspects of the company therefore they have full knowledge of the project from the start to the finish.